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finished my venom, havnt gotten any pictures of it yet, I have three tables set up downstairs its pretty crazy, and I finally ended my losing streak against demons. Succubus took down a lord of change, good stuff.

Vox caster report_01

so i’ve finally gotten a 40k day started again, its only once a month but better then never at all.

We’ve named (or rather I have I guess) our system were fighting over Raxus Prime and came up with a sort of backstory. 

The imperium controlled planet Invictus started to reporting demonic incursions and demons started pouring out onto the planet. The Space Marine chapter Red Company had come to defend the populace. The presence of the combatants and the population of the hive world attracted the attention of a succubus, who wishes to gain some prestige and has entered the fray. 

As the demonic incursions grew it drew the interest of the Ordo Maleus. Unfortunately for Red Company, the Grey Knights blamed the demons presence on them, and began to attack Red Company as well as the demons. 

Meanwhile on what was thought to be just a mining planet a tomb world has emerged. Necrons began to attempt to secure the nearby planets.

One of the more influential generals of Red company turned towards the powers of chaos and split the company in half. 

we’ve had a few battle involving before today but this is supposed to build up towards our eventual apocalypse game in the summer. We plan to have the games esculate until then, and have matches that will give the sides a benefit before the big game.

But today heres how the battles went

The Dark Eldar confronted the demons in an abandoned imperial city and desperately fought for ground (or skulls in the case of the demons) The Dark Eldar managed to fend the demons off after a bloody battle. 

In an attempt to reclaim some lost ground, the space marines (or red company) attempted to seize a trench line from the Necrons which they unfortunately failed to do ending in a minor loss.

The Grey Knights Launched an attack on the main body of chaos space marines to try and weaken their force, which ended horribly for the Ordo Maleus.

its that time between posts that I want to post an update. So currently im just finishing up a dark eldar venom I just recently got, I havnt gotten a chance to actually field it but im planning on transporting a unit of 5 incubi in it so well see how tat goes in my games.

Unfortunately theres no gamesday so instead for my group were gonna put together a 3 versus 3 apocalypse game. This wouldnt be my first apocalypse game, but it certainly is the first one that i’m organising, and is the new edition of it. And the first time ill actually be fielding an apocalypse sized army, gonna order a few razorwings and ravagers for this one. 

In case anyones curious its gonna be Dark Eldar, Demons, and Chaos Space Marines versus Space marines, Grey knights, and necrons. Wooh

Void Raven Bomber
so awhile back I posted my conversion of my void raven bomber, and now its finally painted huzzah. So far its racked up a pretty good kill count of tanks and the like.

Void Raven Bomber

so awhile back I posted my conversion of my void raven bomber, and now its finally painted huzzah. So far its racked up a pretty good kill count of tanks and the like.

Reaver Jetbikes

if only a succubus could ride one, or archaon, or haemonculus. 

Kabalite warriors

they like to retreat on me alot, but thats just the way it goes sometimes. Also the first unit I finished, 

update: Invasion

So im finished with my reaver jetbikes, just gotta fix them to their bases. I’m really behind now on posting pictures, its not like I havnt had the time either im on spring break but I just havn’t gotten arond to doing it I guess.

So lately while painting I finally got to watching the rest of the starship trooper movies, good stuff. I think the first one was the best for anyone who cares, but the second and third one still have a certain charm. 

However the animated one… Words cannot describe my anger, I couldnt even finish it. How did they turn it so sexist as well? I dont usually like to post stuff non warhammer related but seriously how did they screw that up so bad? Even beyond all the sexist crap that movie is still incredibly bad. 

Anyways, almost at 100 followers which is pretty cool. I feel I should do something special but I honestly wouldn’t know what to do.

Updates and whatnot. This time its personal

I’m not sure if anybody reads my little updates but I think i’ll continue to do them after a time of not posting stuff for a bit.

So I started painting my dark eldar, actually got two units done and am well on my way to finishing my reaver jet bikes. However, I have been having a hard time getting a good picture of either unit, but in particular the kabalite warriors as they become extremely purple in the pictures and it just looks bad in compared to how they look in all actuality. 

I honestly didn’t expect my post with all my new paints to become the most popular of all my posts (only second to the khemrian warsphinx) but I can say anyone who really enjoys the hobby and loves painting that it is a really good buy if you can cough up the cash. 

Anyways i’ll be attempting to get some good pictures of my new units and get them up soon hopefully, 

So I go to start placing my paints and such that I need on my table and to my surprise

my friend’s space marines had infiltrated onto the table taking my pliers, glue, and various random paints. 

couldnt decide what paints to get for my dark eldar, so I just bought all of them.

couldnt decide what paints to get for my dark eldar, so I just bought all of them.